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How To Find The Perfect Gift That Will Be Remembered

Getting something for ourselves (something we really want) is relatively easy… because we usually KNOW what we want/like to get, agree?

When getting a gift for others it becomes more challenging. 

We all want to get a gift that will be thoughtful, useful, significant and will spark an emotion. 

Those are the ingredients that make it remembered for years. We know this for a fact from our customers’ feedback over the years.

So how do you go about finding that perfect gift… when the most common thought we have when shopping for gift giving is… “what should I get her/him” … OR “I hope he/she likes this”...?

The answer is simple. 


1) you give something they he/she is passionate about (what they are involved in)


2) you give something that will make them emotional (laugh, smile, awww, etc’) based only on the relationship between you.

For example: You want to get something for your colleague.. You remember that the person often talks about fishing… so you KNOW they are passionate about it. In this case a funny fishing T-shirt would be amazing. Everytime they wear it they will remember you, smile and wear it PROUDLY! What a WIN!

A different example: Say you want to get a gift for your sibling, brother or sister. A funny coffee mug that mentions your relationship would always add a smile when they use the mug or see it. Think of it, every time they drink from that mug they smile… based only on the natural relationship between you.

This goes on and on. You can use this concept for the work they do too or what they are studying. Firefighter, Lawyer, Massage therapist, Nurse etc’

Or based on what they like… such as: Reading, Drinking/Making Beer, Running, Fitness fanatics, Golf… and the list goes on and on.

This works every single time because YOU are making the connection between what THEY like or are. 

An easy way to get started when gift giving is: click the menu above (Catalog By Category).. For each category ask yourself…

Who do I know that likes/is ______________ (category). And you will find the matches instantly. 

If you are looking for a family member just browse through our family gifts and we’re sure you will find something based on your connection that will make both of you smile :-)

Another simple way to find what you need is to search for it on our store. use simple 1 word phrases like: "brother", "granddaughter", "nurse" etc'.

Please reach out to us at anytime, we'll be glad to help with anything at all.

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